Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy is the internal cleansing of the large intestines (Bowel) with water. The procedure is gentle and generally quite pleasant. We use what’s called The Gravity System and our qualified and registered therapist is present throughout. Approximately 60 litres of purified water is slowly passed in and out through the intestines via a plastic disposable tubing system.

Colonic hydrotherapy can relieve bloating and gas forming fermentation, improve peristalsis and overall gut health and function. It is also an effective part of a managed detox or weight loss program. Additional benefits can include improved energy and concentration, fewer headaches and healthier skin using a blend of specially sourced herbs or raw coffee to enhance the benefits.


The Phenomenal Herbal Colonic - £120

The Phenomenal Coffee Colonic £175



Marijke Vogel

Marijke Vogel has been working in Holistic therapies for over 35 years and is now one of the most popular therapists in her field.

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