Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

The Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised form of massage that influences the direction and speed of lymphatic flow using light, rhythmical and precise hand movements and pressure. The lymphatic system helps destroy pathogens and filters waste, including medications and anaesthetics. It also helps to deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the tissues of the body.

A sluggish lymphatic system increases the chance of chronic illness and disease. Scientific studies have proven that the immune system is supported and even boosted as a result of receiving regular MLD treatments. MLD is also effective in countering the body’s natural inflammatory response following soft tissue trauma such as sprains, fractures, orthopaedic surgery and orthodontal surgery.

If received in a timely manner, MLD can dramatically shorten the route to recovery. Among its many other benefits, MLD induces a deep state of relaxation making it great for hypertension and constipation.


60 minutes - £70

90 minutes - £95

30 minutes (face) - £40



Zeli Rocha

Zeli Rocha graduated as a holistic therapist from leading school ‘Essentials for Health’ in London 2005. Zeli has over ten years experience of working with individuals and corporate clients. Clients are assessed on an individual basis ensuring the treatment is specific to each person, the objective being to determine and address the most pressing needs … Continued

Susanna Mede

Susanna started working as a medical massage therapist in a hospital in Hungary back in 2008, dealing with various post-hospitalisation rehabilitations. A few years later, she noticed that due to her background as a professional athlete, she was able to understand and treat her athlete patients much more effectively than most other therapists. That’s why … Continued

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