ABHYANGA (meaning head to toe) Massage Therapy

For the complete abhyanga experience, an appointment of at least 75 minutes is highly recommended.

This is a full body massage that is inclusive of head and face, feet and abdomen. Warm ayurvedic oils are used to penetrate the tissues and nourish the joints and muscles.

The therapist will use pressure points on the body to release any blockages and allow the energy to flow freely. Some stretching is involved as well as rotations of the joints where suitable.

Longer strokes push toxins towards the abdomen for easy detoxification process. And where needed, some deep tissue techniques to aid any problem areas for a satisfying release.

Abhyanga promotes digestion and detoxification, increase’s energy levels, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, helps with better sleep and calms the mind. 


60mins £79

75mins £89

90mins £99



Nicola Sweeney

Having completed a course in Ayurveda and yoga in August 2016 in Kerala, India and learning about this lifestyle, Nicola began implementing these practices into her own personal life and began seeing incredible results in her overall wellbeing. I had already been doing yoga for a few years prior to this course and was eager … Continued

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