Weleda Body Therapy

Relax and replenish with Weleda’s body oil heroes for an all-bases-covered bespoke, natural and organic treatment.

Using Weleda’s array of essential oils and medicinal plants infused oils and bath milks and incorporating traditional massage and remedial recovery techniques, all body and mind ailments are catered for.

Opening with an acupressure scalp and neck massage and closing with a signature hot-steam-towel back-ritual to help relax and aid the body and promote optimal wellbeing.


60mins £70



Audrey Horca

FHT Holistic Massage and Facial Therapist; Specialising in Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage and Remedial Recovery. Audrey is qualified in VTCT Level 3 Beauty Therapy Massage and has a Skincare Specialist and Makeup Artistry background of over 15 years. Having worked in luxury retail as a Regional Brand Manager, Educator and Beauty Therapist for various brands, … Continued

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