Available as one to one and small classes of two or three, our reformer pilates use the very best machines, in our custom built, air conditioned and glass roofed studio. Pilates is a mind and body exercise. It helps to strengthen, tone & lengthen muscles while improving posture, balance and suppleness. Its great for general fitness, strength and cardio, as well as rehabilitation after injury and core strengthening.


Mat Pilates from £17

Reformer Pilates from £30



Taryn Williams

Having an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology helped Taryn advance quickly into becoming an excellent masseuse with a natural ability to help her clients physically and aesthetically.

Becky Uden

Passionate about Pilates and movement, Becky trained with the JPilates training and education group in London and is level 3 mat qualified, as well as holding qualifications in pre and post natal Pilates, reformer and small equipment. Her classes are energetic, dynamic and work the entire body, helping to build alignment, whilst strengthening and toning the muscles. Pilates is Becky’s true calling, … Continued

Caroline Garnder

Caroline’s philosophy is that Pilates is for everyone no matter what level you are, there is always more to learn, refine and understand. Both your body and your brain get a workout while you reap the benefits of Pilates in everyday life. During her career as a School teacher, Caroline found that her strength and … Continued

Stephanie Hamer

Having practiced Pilates regularly and preached its benefits to anyone who would listen, Steph decided to turn her passion into a career and left her job in film and TV to train as an instructor when pregnant with her first baby. She trained with JPilates in London and is qualified in contemporary mat, reformer and … Continued

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