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Having completed a course in Ayurveda and yoga in August 2016 in Kerala, India and learning about this lifestyle, Nicola began implementing these practices into her own personal life and began seeing incredible results in her overall wellbeing. I had already been doing yoga for a few years prior to this course and was eager to learn more. The science and studies involved in yoga that became evident to her unraveled the infinite benefits it has on the human body and mind. 

Continuing with as much practice as she could following this, Nicola was drawn back to India, to the Himalayas, where yoga originated from, to complete a course in Yoga multi-style teacher training 200hr. As well as Yoga for healthcare 200hr. The multi-style course included the styles of Hatha, Ashtanga and Ashtanga vinyasa.

The therapy course concentrated on restorative yoga with the practices completely tailored towards an individual’s needs. Including any past or present injuries or any health problems.

Nicola is incredibly passionate about helping people heal. So much healing can stem from a yoga class. Allowing time to connect brings more self-realisation and awareness of overall well-being.

Nicola has seen great results using Ayurvedic therapy on clients as it helps to heal and align body, mind and soul.

 Nicola first taught yoga in Cyprus, holding group and private classes. More recently she has been in London, working at an Ayurveda clinic for the past couple of years whilst also teaching one to one and group yoga classes.

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